What are the best cruises for viewing British seaside art installations?

A journey by sea offers an unparalleled experience, and cruises have long been a popular choice for those seeking not just relaxation, but also a sense of adventure and discovery. Over the years, these voyages have evolved to cater to a multitude of passions and interests. One such niche that has been gaining momentum is the desire to explore the world of art from a unique perspective. Marrying the grandeur of cruise travel with captivating art installations, several companies now offer trips that allow passengers to indulge in their love for art while enjoying the vastness of the open sea. Let's dive into some of the best cruises for viewing British seaside art installations.

The Puckett Cruise : A voyage of artistic discovery

Named after the iconic British artist, the Puckett Cruise takes pride in offering its passengers not just a relaxing journey at sea, but also an immersive experience into the world of British art. The cruise line has been noted for its dedication towards promoting the local art scene and using the beauty of the British coast as its canvas.

The Puckett Cruise's itinerary includes stops at several seaside towns that are known for their vibrant art installations. From the massive steel sculptures of Antony Gormley on Crosby Beach to the whimsical bronzes of Giles Penny in Weymouth, passengers get to experience a diverse range of art styles. The ship itself is a floating art gallery, boasting of works from emerging and established artists alike.

For passengers who wish to delve deeper into their appreciation for art, the Puckett Cruise also offers exclusive art classes. These are led by experienced artists who guide passengers in creating their own masterpieces, all while providing insightful commentary on the British art scene.

The Class Choice: Luxury meets art

For those who seek both luxury and an artistic experience, the Class Choice cruise is the perfect fit. This cruise line is known for its opulent cabins and top-tier amenities, but it's their commitment to showcasing British seaside art that sets them apart from the rest.

The Class Choice follows a carefully curated route that includes stops at notable British coastal art installations. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the chance to view pieces like Anish Kapoor’s dramatic sky mirror in Brighton and Rachel Whiteread's cast concrete beach hut on the Norfolk coast. This cruise also gives passengers access to private art viewings and meet-and-greets with artists.

The luxury suite accommodations on the Class Choice are an art form in themselves. Each suite is tastefully designed with art pieces that reflect the seaside towns visited during the journey. Passengers can also participate in exclusive art workshops taught by resident artists onboard.

The River House: Art with a local touch

The River House Cruise takes a different approach, focusing on local artists and smaller, lesser-known art installations along the British seaside. This approach offers passengers a chance to discover hidden gems and engage with the local art community.

Stops include the folk art-inspired seafront mural in Whitstable and the interactive sound installation at the Hastings pier. The cruise also arranges guided tours to local art studios and craft markets, allowing passengers to interact with artists and artisans.

The ship itself is a rustic beauty, with each cabin decorated with art pieces that reflect the charm of British seaside towns. Passengers can enjoy art workshops and talks by local artists who are invited onboard during the cruise.

In the Air: A fresh perspective on art

The In the Air cruise is for those who wish to view British seaside art from a completely different perspective. This cruise line uses smaller ships that can sail close to the coastline, providing passengers with stunning, up-close views of art installations.

The ship sails past iconic installations like the towering "Scallop" sculpture by Maggi Hambling at Aldeburgh beach and the colourful beach huts at Southwold. What sets this cruise apart is the unique opportunity it offers passengers to view these installations from the air. Using tethered hot air balloons, passengers can get a bird's eye view of the art and the stunning British coastline.

Each cabin on the In the Air cruise is designed to reflect this unique perspective, with aerial photographs of the installations and coastline adorning the walls. Passengers can also participate in photography workshops, where they learn how to capture the best aerial shots of the installations.

The Pinterest Cruise: Artistic inspiration at sea

Designed with the modern, digitally savvy passengers in mind, the Pinterest Cruise seamlessly combines the worlds of art, travel, and social media. This cruise line is known for its vibrant social media presence, with each stop at a British seaside art installation turned into a content creation event.

Passengers are encouraged to share their experiences online, with the ship providing several instagrammable spots for that perfect shot. Stops include the colourful mural at Margate and the interactive light installation at Blackpool promenade.

The Pinterest cruise goes a step further by organising art workshops based on popular Pinterest trends. Passengers can learn how to create their own seaside-inspired artworks and share them with their followers online. The cruise line also arranges for collaborations with popular Pinterest influencers, providing passengers with a chance to learn from and interact with them.

The Artful Journey: Best of British Art at Sea

The Artful Journey cruise is an all-encompassing experience that offers passengers an expansive view of British seaside art. This cruise line, which has been recognized in the Readers Choice Awards, provides an outstanding itinerary that includes renowned and hidden art installations alike.

The Artful Journey takes passengers to a variety of seaside towns, each boasting unique art installations. Highlights include the environmental art at St Ives and the kinetic sculptures at Bournemouth beach. The cruise provides insightful guided tours at each stop, leading passengers to discover the stories behind these impressive creations.

The ship is a work of art in itself, adorned with pieces from acclaimed British artists and offering stunning views of the coastline. The Artful Journey also hosts onboard art workshops that explore different styles and techniques, catering to art enthusiasts of all levels.

For those who want a break from the art exploration, the Artful Journey offers a range of amenities for relaxation and entertainment. From a luxurious spa to a well-stocked library, and even a room safe for valuables, passengers can enjoy their journey in comfort and style.

The Voyager: Art and Adventure at Sea

The Voyager cruise offers passengers the chance to explore British seaside art while enjoying an adventurous journey. This cruise line, which has been featured in the Choice Awards Survey for its innovative approach to sea travel, offers a perfect blend of art, adventure, and luxury.

The Voyager's itinerary includes stops at exciting locations like the giant mirror ball at Blackpool's South Shore and the Graffiti Pier in Brighton. Passengers get the chance to engage with the local art scene and even participate in creating community art projects.

The ship itself provides numerous adventurous activities. From rock climbing to deep-sea diving, passengers can enjoy a multitude of thrilling experiences. The Voyager also offers air travel options for passengers who wish to explore the stunning British coastline from above.

Each cabin on the Voyager features unique art pieces, with many offering breathtaking views of the sea. The cruise line also provides business class amenities, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious journey for all passengers.


No matter whether your preference is for a grandeur filled experience like the Puckett Cruise, a luxurious voyage with the Class Choice, a local touch with the Riverside House, an exhilarating aerial view with In the Air, or a digitally savvy journey with the Pinterest cruise, there is something for everyone.

Each cruise line offers a unique perspective on British seaside art, allowing passengers to delve into this vibrant world while enjoying a captivating journey at sea. With a multitude of options for art exploration, relaxation, and adventure, these cruises provide a comprehensive sea travel experience.

From the Readers Choice Awards to the Choice Awards Survey, these cruises have received recognition for their innovative approach to sea travel and their commitment to promoting British art. So, pack your bags, secure your room safe, and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the captivating world of British seaside art installations.

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