What are the best hammock spots in the forests of Surrey for a summer camping trip?

Camping trips have long been a cherished tradition among families seeking quality time and adventure. There's nothing quite like the joy of spending a day out in the woodland, exploring nature's wonders, then retreating to your hammock for a peaceful night under the stars. While there are countless camping sites across the globe, the forests of Surrey, just outside Vancouver, have earned a special place in the hearts of campers. Here, we'll guide you through the best sites these magical woods have to offer for a memorable summer camping trip.

Finding the Perfect Hammock Spot

Finding a hammock spot in Surrey's forests can be quite the adventure. It's a journey that can have you walking between towering trees, crossing sparkling streams, and taking in the beautiful woodland scenery. A great hammock spot isn't just about the trees — it's also about the area and the life around it.

When looking for a good spot to set up your hammock, consider the distance between trees. Aim for a span of about 12 to 15 feet. The trees should be sturdy and healthy, capable of supporting the weight of the hammock and its occupants. Remember, safety is paramount. Avoid dead trees or branches that could potentially fall and cause injuries.

Also, consider finding a site that offers some shade. The summer sun in Surrey can be intense, and you don't want to spend your day getting sunburned in your hammock. A spot with some dappled sunlight will offer the perfect balance of warmth and cool shade.

Experiencing the Tranquillity of Woodland Water Sites

Imagine waking up in your hammock to the gentle sounds of a babbling brook or falling asleep to the calming lullaby of a distant waterfall. In Surrey's forests, you'll find tranquil water sites that provide the perfect backdrop for your hammock adventure.

One of these spots is Wey River. This site is a hidden gem located in the heart of the Surrey woodland. It's a great place for families; kids love splashing in the shallow waters during the day, and at night, you can enjoy the serene sounds of the river flowing.

Another notable water site in Surrey is Frensham Ponds. It's a tranquil site surrounded by heathland and woodland, providing plenty of trees perfect for setting up a hammock. Here, you can escape the summer heat by taking a refreshing dip in the cool waters.

Glamping: A touch of Luxury in the Wilderness

For those who want a touch of luxury on their camping trip, glamping (glamorous camping) is a fantastic option. In Surrey, you'll find several glamping sites that offer a unique combination of nature and comfort.

Glamping is an excellent choice for families, especially those with younger children. It offers the thrill of staying outdoors, but also the conveniences we are used to in our daily life, like proper beds, electricity, and sometimes even Wi-Fi.

One of the top glamping sites in Surrey is the “Glamping Woodland Surrey”. This privately owned woodland located near Dorking provides designated hammock spots, fire pits, and luxurious bell tents. It's a perfect blend of comfort and wilderness.

Nighttime Campfire Adventures

Camping isn’t complete without a campfire. Nothing beats gathering around a warm fire under a starlit night. It's a great time to share stories, play games, or even sing songs. However, it’s important to remember that fire safety should always come first.

When choosing a hammock spot, make sure it's in a safe distance from your campfire site. Sparks from the fire should not reach your hammock or any other potentially flammable items. Always check the local fire regulations as some areas may not permit open fires, especially during the dry summer season.

In Surrey's forests, there are designed spots for campfires. These areas are usually clear of overhanging branches and have a fire pit or a ring of stones.

Enjoy the Surreal Surrey Sunrise

One of the most magical experiences you'll find during your camping trip is waking up to a beautiful Surrey sunrise. The sunrise paints the sky in hues of orange, pink, and gold, casting a warm glow over the woodland. It's a sight that will take your breath away.

Having your hammock placed in an eastward facing spot will give you the best view of the sunrise. Imagine sitting in your hammock, a fresh cup of coffee in hand, watching the day break. It’s a serene moment that will surely become a cherished memory of your summer camping trip.

To wrap up, camping in Surrey's forests offers an unforgettable summer adventure for families. With its myriad of hammock spots, tranquil water sites, and the option for a touch of luxury with glamping, it provides a unique experience for everyone. Remember, your camping trip is what you make it, so explore, have fun, and most importantly, respect the nature around you.

Surrey Hills: A Green Escape in British Columbia

Surrey Hills, located in the south-east region of British Columbia, is a popular locale for hammock camping. This provincial park is a green escape, boasting a diverse ecology of mature forests, rolling terrains, and tranquil water bodies. This landscape provides an array of potential hammock spots for a summer camping trip.

Topographical variations in Surrey Hills add to the intrigue. You can find a hammock spot with a view overlooking a valley, or tucked away in a secluded woodland. The park offers several family-friendly camping sites where you can safely install your travel trailer, or, opt for winter camping if you fancy a challenge.

For the adventurous, Surrey Hills provides a wealth of activities. From hiking trails to zip wire adventures, there's something for everyone. Coupled with the stunning natural beauty, it makes Surrey Hills an ideal camping destination year-round.

Potable water is readily available at several points throughout the park, essential for both staying hydrated and for assembling your camping gear. With fire pits provided at designated spots, you can enjoy an open fire without fear of damaging the surrounding nature.

Vancouver Area: A Serene Bay Provincial Park Experience

If you're seeking a unique camping trip in British Columbia, consider visiting Bay Provincial Park in the Vancouver area. It's situated on Vancouver Island, a short ferry ride from North Vancouver. This park is a haven for hammock lovers, offering a tranquil setting surrounded by untouched natural beauty.

Bay Provincial Park provides an array of camping options. You can set up your hammock among the towering trees, or close to the park's pristine beaches. Regardless of where you choose, you are bound to find peace and tranquillity.

The park is accessible year-round, and while summer is a popular time to camp, winter camping has its merits. Snowy landscapes offer a serene, almost surreal environment, making it a memorable camping experience. However, campers should be well-prepared with the right camping gear for colder temperatures.

The park offers a range of amenities, including potable water, picnic areas, and bathrooms. Certain spots also have fire pits, where you can enjoy a warm, crackling fire under the stars.

In Conclusion

Surrey's forests in British Columbia offer a unique and rewarding experience for hammock camping enthusiasts. With picturesque locations like Surrey Hills and Bay Provincial Park in the Vancouver area, you will have myriad options to pitch your hammock and relax in the lap of nature.

Whether it's the tranquil water sites, the lush green woodland, or the luxurious bell tents at glamping sites, there's something to cater to every camper's preference. With the right camping gear and an adventurous spirit, a camping trip in Surrey's forests can be a magnificent green escape.

Most importantly, while enjoying the natural beauty, remember to respect the environment. Stick to the trails, respect the wildlife, and leave no trace. This way, these beautiful forests can continue to be enjoyed by future generations of campers. Enjoy your trip to Surrey, a spectacular destination in the heart of British Columbia.

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