Which outdoor markets in Norwich offer the best local crafts?

Whether you're a Norwich local or a visitor to this picturesque city in Norfolk, the outdoor markets are a highlight you won't want to miss. Not only are they a bustling hub of activity, but they also offer a wide array of fresh produce, gourmet food, and an impressive range of local crafts. These markets provide a platform for local artisans to showcase their unique creations, from handmade jewelry and pottery to bespoke clothing and handcrafted furniture.

There are several markets in Norwich that are particularly known for their exceptional selection of local crafts. Here, we will explore these markets, detailing their location, timing, variety of stalls, and what makes each one unique.

Norwich Farmers Market: A Haven for Fresh Produce and Local Crafts

The Norwich Farmers Market, held every Saturday, is one of the most popular outdoor markets in Norwich. The market is located in the heart of Norwich, within the scenic grounds of the Town Hall. It offers a vibrant mix of stalls selling fresh, locally sourced produce, gourmet food, and an array of local crafts.

The Farmers Market is a lively and bustling place, brimming with the chatter of vendors and the aroma of freshly cooked food. It's an ideal spot to find unique, locally made goods and support local farmers and artisans. From handmade soaps and candles to intricately designed glassware and ceramics, the variety of crafts available is truly impressive.

One of the standout features of the Norwich Farmers Market is the dedication to quality and sustainability. The market follows a strict policy of ensuring that all items sold are either grown, raised, or handcrafted within 30 miles of Norwich. This policy not only supports the local economy but also guarantees a high standard of goods for customers.

Norwich Artisan Market: A Celebration of Creativity and Skill

The Norwich Artisan Market, held on the last Saturday of every month, is a treasure trove of local crafts. Located in the historic Norwich Market Place, this event is a showcase of the region's creative talent, with a wide range of stalls featuring everything from handmade jewelry and textiles to locally made furniture and artwork.

The Artisan Market is a vibrant venue, alive with the sound of live music and the buzz of enthusiastic shoppers. The stalls are a visual feast of color and creativity, with each one offering something unique and special.

What sets the Artisan Market apart is its commitment to promoting local talent. The vendors are carefully curated to ensure a diverse range of high-quality, original crafts that cater to all tastes. Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, a piece of art for your home, or just want to browse and soak in the atmosphere, the Artisan Market is a place where you will find inspiration and beauty at every turn.

Norwich Free Market: An Eclectic Mix of Vintage and Handmade Goods

The Norwich Free Market is a monthly event that takes place on the second Saturday of each month in the grounds of St. Peter's Hall. It offers an eclectic mix of vintage goods, bric-a-brac, handmade crafts, and delicious food.

The Free Market is a hub of activity, with a warm and friendly atmosphere that welcomes locals and tourists alike. The stalls offer a delightful mix of vintage finds, from clothes and accessories to home goods and collectibles. Interspersed with these are stalls selling beautifully crafted, handmade items – from jewelry and clothing to homewares and decorative items.

The Free Market’s charm lies in its eclectic mix of old and new, traditional and contemporary, making it a unique shopping experience. Supporting local businesses and promoting sustainability are at the heart of the market's ethos, and all goods sold are either second-hand, upcycled, or handmade by local artisans.

Norwich Market: A Historic Hub of Shopping and Local Crafts

Norwich Market, also known as Norwich City Market, is one of the oldest and largest open-air markets in the country. Located in the city center, it is open six days a week and is home to over 200 stalls.

Among the bustling food stalls and fresh produce vendors, you'll find a wealth of local crafts and artisan goods. These range from handmade clothes and accessories to pottery, paintings, and unique home décor items.

Norwich Market stands out for its historic charm and architectural beauty. The riot of brightly colored stalls under the striped canopies is a sight to behold, and the ambiance is lively and inviting. The market has a reputation for quality goods and friendly vendors and is a must-visit for anyone seeking local, handmade crafts.

Burlington Vermont Saturday Market: A Breath of Fresh Air

Though slightly further afield, the Burlington Vermont Saturday Market is worth the journey. Held every Saturday in the summer months, this market offers a wide array of farm-fresh produce, gourmet food, and local crafts.

The Vermont Market is a lively and scenic venue, set amidst the beautiful landscapes of Vermont. The stalls are a vibrant mix of colorful produce, fragrant flowers, artisanal cheeses, and local crafts. From handcrafted wooden furniture to beautifully designed pottery and textiles, the quality and variety of crafts are second to none.

The ethos of the Vermont Market is rooted in sustainability and supporting local artisans. The market hosts a wide range of vendors, each offering high-quality, locally made goods, making it the perfect place to find unique, handcrafted items. Whether you're a local or just visiting, the Burlington Vermont Saturday Market is a breath of fresh air, offering a unique shopping experience amidst the stunning natural scenery.

Creake Abbey Farmers' Market: A Delightful Blend of Food and Crafts

Situated in the beautiful North Norfolk countryside, the Creake Abbey Farmers' Market is a must-visit for anyone interested in locally produced goods. This idyllic market is held in the ancient ruins of Creake Abbey on the first Saturday of each month. It brings together the very best of Norfolk's farmers, artisans, and food producers, offering a mix of mouthwatering baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, and an array of local crafts.

The Creake Abbey Market exudes a tranquil and picturesque atmosphere, allowing visitors to enjoy shopping for local produce amidst historical architecture. Whether you're looking for seasonal fruit and vegetables, locally grown herbs, or homemade ice cream, you'll find it in the food stalls here. The craft section of the market boasts a plethora of stalls selling goods such as handmade jewelry, pottery, textiles, and furniture. Each item is lovingly crafted by local artisans, reflecting the region's talent and creativity.

The Creake Abbey Farmers' Market is dedicated to supporting local farmers and artisans, ensuring that the items sold are locally produced and of the highest quality. The market also encourages sustainability by showcasing a variety of organic produce and eco-friendly crafts. This dedication to quality and sustainability is what sets the Creake Abbey Market apart from others. If you're in Norfolk on the first Saturday of the month, make sure to visit this charming market for a taste of the local culture and a chance to support local businesses.

Hethersett Village Hall Market: An Intimate Shopping Experience

Located in the serene village of Hethersett, the Village Hall Market offers a more intimate experience for shoppers. The market is held in the heart of the village at the Village Hall every second Saturday of the month, offering a range of local produce and crafts.

The compact size of this market only adds to its charm. With a handful of carefully selected stalls, each offering something unique, you'll find everything from freshly baked goods and locally produced honey to seasonal fruit and vegetables. The craft stalls at the Hethersett Village Hall Market are a treasure trove of local talent. Whether you're looking for hand-knitted scarves, handcrafted pottery, or bespoke jewelry, you're sure to find something special here.

Sustainability and community spirit are engrained in the ethos of the Hethersett Village Hall Market. The market not only offers a platform for local farmers and artisans to showcase their goods but also serves as a community hub where locals gather to catch up over a cup of coffee or a slice of homemade cake. Its intimate setting, friendly atmosphere, and high-quality goods make the Hethersett Village Hall Market a favorite among locals and visitors alike.


Norwich and its surrounding areas offer a rich tapestry of outdoor markets, each with its unique charm and offering. From the bustling Norwich Farmers Market and the creative Norwich Artisan Market to the eclectic Norwich Free Market and the historic Norwich Market, there's a market for every taste and preference.

Venturing slightly out of Norwich, the Creake Abbey Farmers’ Market and the Hethersett Village Hall Market offer delightful experiences amidst beautiful settings. Whether you're seeking fresh, locally produced food, unique local crafts, or simply the lively atmosphere of a bustling market, these markets are sure to deliver.

The focus on quality, sustainability, and support for local businesses is a common theme across all these markets. So, when you shop at these markets, you're not just buying goods — you're also contributing to the local economy and promoting sustainability. These markets are a testament to the vibrant local culture of Norwich and a reflection of the city's commitment to supporting its local farmers and artisans. Whether you're a Norwich local or a visitor, these markets offer a shopping experience like no other, filled with unique finds, friendly faces, and an unforgettable atmosphere. So next time you're in Norwich, make sure to explore these markets and discover the best of what this city has to offer.

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